Power Hub System

$ 490.00

For those tasks that need all-day run time, the ruggedized, wearable Power Hub System provides a hot-swappable smart battery, as well as a USB access point to ODG's Smartglasses

Enables those who have a minimum requirement of an eight-hour shift or need to complete jobs in power- limited locations.

If demanding, extended applications require additional power the hot swappable design provides unlimited battery life.

The USB pass-through port enables the use of an array of available peripherals and communications options for ODG Smartglasses.


  • USB Type-A pass-through port for extended connectivity capabilities
  • 48Wh Lithium-Ion Smart Battery with LED status indicator
  • Hot swappable
  • Rugged design for demanding environments
  • Pocket/belt clip for on-the-go wearability

Included in the Power Hub System:

  • Power Hub
  • Smart Battery
  • Magnetic USB-to-Magnetic USB cable
  • Magnetic USB-to-USB cable
  • Wall adapter
  • International Power Adapters, Set of 3

Downloadable Tech Sheet (275KB PDF)

Optional Additional Accessory:

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